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This paper seeks to highlight how the post-pandemic crisis has brought to light an unpleasant reality of globalization, namely the deepening of inequality between people, especially among young people. In a global society, in which it was increasingly difficult to access education, the emergence of a virus that led to a pandemic has only rendered the problems of mankind into chronic, enduring issues. The pandemic did not go unnoticed; the crisis made its presence felt in the economy, in healthcare, but especially in education, and the political crisis was the last proverbial straw. In the current context, there is a decline in living standards, rising inflation, a sharp volatility of the free market, a migration crisis and a declining interest in education, coupled with increasingly difficult access to it. So far, Romania has managed, thanks to the public-private partnership, but also to some programs with European funding, to reduce the number school dropouts; however it has not completely disappeared. Whether or not we are ready for what is to come, remains to be seen.

ŒCONOMICA no. 4/2021
Keywords: crisis, post-Covid effect, globalization, inequality, education
JEL: A12, F60, F62, F69, I24, I25
The Post-Covid Crisis and Its Effects on Education [Criza post-Covid şi efectele sale în educaţie]