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The present paper build upon the EU’s objective of climatic neutrality that must be reached by 2050. It involves the reduction of emissions and greater carbon absorption. In this paper, we analyse the connection within the Climatic Pact – Green Deal – Sustainable Economy triad. We then argue about decoupling economic growth from the use of resources and passing to circular systems with regards to production and consumption which are essential for achieving climatic neutrality. The European Union has adopted a strategy in which the recovery from the pandemic crisis is to be used as a lever to create a European industry that is more dynamic, resilient and competitive. It is shown that the foundation of a post-crisis recovery is to be laid upon principles such as sustainability, integration of the single market, competitiveness, cohesion, inclusion, solidarity, circularity, environmental protection and respect for social standards. Lastly, we analyse the new action plan for circular economy and its role in ensuring a green recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.

ŒCONOMICA no. 4/2021
Keywords: green economy, climatic economy, responsible consumption, circularity, sustainable products, innovation, clean Europe
JEL: Q01, Q50, Q51, Q54
Circularity – an Essential Component in the Transition Towards Climatic Neutrality [Circularitatea – componentă esenţială în tranziţia spre o neutralitate climatică]