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This paper stems from the conviction that communication via mass media is very important in order to perform a valuable new business model, taking into consideration that organizations need to cope with sharp changes to their micro and macroeconomic equilibria and with increased intensity in creativity at the level of economic processes, while raising awareness in markets and collecting feedback from stakeholders. The inquiry starts from the hypothesis that, in the field of economics and business, communication approaches must be taken with some reserves for a number of reasons: functional markets have their infrastructural specificities; public choice logic is undisputedly widespread; the concept of social learning is present much more than in other fields; and the very principle of economic rationality possesses many competing off-springs and off-shoots. As the proposed analysis is undertaken in the confines of education systems, scientific research and high-tech industries, it is pointed out the fact that an advanced research project with international impact, such as Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics project (ELI-NP) will be an extremely important driver of the national and regional economies, needing a communicational strategy to complement and consolidate the informational flows of purely technical-scientific nature between specialists, thus enlarging the scale and scope for the dissemination of both efforts and results.

ŒCONOMICA no. 2/2021
Keywords: communication, business model, infrastructure, scientific research, technological challenges
JEL: A13, C12, C43, C55, E47
The Communication Dimension of the Business Model Applied to the ELI-NP Project