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Gheorghe-Cosmin MANEA
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti
Andreea COZEA
Academia Română
In the development of this study, we have considered the suggestion of some facilities to encourage the research-development-innovation activity within government institutions, universities and high-profile companies, as they also benefit from being able to self-finance their activity and, therefore, they need an insurance as well as an incentive to further encourage efforts and investments which can produce valuable results and applicable concepts. As a facilitator of the development of this paradigm, this can go from concept to practice with the aid of governmental policies and fiscal facilities for investments in creative fields, such as: exemptions from the tax on profit when the profit is (re)invested in creative activities for any type of public or private institution; exemption from corporate income tax for creative and/or newly established businesses for a certain period of time. Thus, the role of research in the field of economics could be reoriented by rethinking the basic principles in order to create a link between the economy and the environment. During the study, a report with case studies is presented aiming to find another approach that will support economic progress not to the detriment but in favour of the environment.

ŒCONOMICA no. 2/2021
Keywords: sustainability, development, research, environment, innovation, investment
JEL: P48, Q56
New Economic Thinking on Current Sustainability Transformations